Meet the Makers

Holly & Steven


Many years ago we gazed upon jewelry that looked like it had been dipped in copper, we needed to know the secrets of this craft.  Steven, along with the graces of modern technology, helped move us closer to the discovery of this specialized process, ‘electroforming’. 

Whether collecting organic materials in the woods for our jewelry, or receiving naturally shed feathers from Holly's mothers hobby farm, these words come to mind: beautiful, enduring, and unpredictable.  Like nature and life, crafting our pieces can be unpredictable and that is demonstrated in the splendor of electroforming.  We have discovered a creative outlet which incorporates both natural treasure hunting and patient dexterity.  Each design, distinctive and unique, cannot be replicated and represents nature both physically and symbolically. Our designs aesthetic embrace a more organic and unrefined look reflective of the natural world. Each design is created from ethically and sustainably sourced materials. We like to think of ourselves as modern-day alchemists.

The Science Behind the Magic!

Our mission is to create an ethical and sustainable future by raising awareness of material sourcing issues and practices.  We believe in quality not quantity; slow fashion. 

DO NO HARM is more than a saying, it’s what we practice. All bones, feathers, and insects used for our designs are foraged from found and naturally deceased animals and insects, we are proud to say we are 100% cruelty-free. Why do we call our pieces 'wearables' rather than jewelry? Our pieces are more than jewelry, they are wearable works of art,  wearable hints of nature at it finest.  


We merge metal with organic objects through the process of electroforming. Electroforming is an intricate and specialized process, but what is it you ask?


First we hand paint any area we want to become copper with a conductive paint. Then the piece goes into a copper sulfate, sulfuric acid solution along with copper bars. We hook the item up to electricity and over time (24-72 hours) the copper from the bars is transferred anywhere we painted with the conductive paint. Lastly we hand patina, polish, and apply a metal sealant to each item. From start to finish each piece takes approximately 4-6 days to complete.  A lot of love has gone into each and every piece we create. 

We Care About Our Products

Proud member of the Ethical Fashion SOURCE Network and Common Objective.

The Ethical Fashion SOURCE Network is the world's largest online community of fashion professionals dedicated to sustainability.

As a founding member of Common Objective, we strive to build successful businesses, with a positive impact for people and the environment. CO's ambition, working in collaboration with our partners, is to take sustainable fashion from niche to norm.

We are also a proud member of Mountain Area Gem and Mineral Association (M.A.G.M.A.). 

M.A.G.M.A. aids in the preservation of the mining history of Western North Carolina and the Southeast and to promote to new generations the thrill of Rockhounding and Treasure Hunting.