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Nurtured by Nature

At MergingMetals we do exactly that, merge metal with organics through the process of ‘electroforming’. We create unconventional and unique copper  and silver jewelry, each piece lovingly handcrafted.  Our designs, distinctive and unique, cannot be replicated and represent nature both physically and symbolically.  


Support Small Business Owners

We are metal artisans and Asheville, NC residents with a deep stake in the welfare of our community and environment. Although local to Western North Carolina, we want to share our passion with the world. Help us bring MergingMetals to your community!

You'll have a quality, beautiful piece of wearable art that will last a lifetime and might even become a family heirloom!

New Items!

Agate and Copper Edged Coasters

Copper agate coasters

Agate Nightlights

Agate night lights

Crystal Keychains


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Holly Aubart & Steven Jones mergingmetals@gmail.com / (217) 377-2585